Missouri Fertilizer Control Board

Missouri Fertilizer Control Board

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Missouri Fertilizer Control Program

The Missouri Fertilizer Control Board exercises general supervision of the administration and enforcement of the Missouri Fertilizer Law.

As provided for by state law, the MoFCB issues permits authorizing the sale of fertilizer to uphold quality control.

Properly managed fertilizer production and application benefits

  • The Economy
  • Social Welfare
  • Our Environment

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Show-Me Nutrient Stewardship

Nutrient management is essential to farm profitability and sustainability.

Show Me Nutrient Stewardship, a program of the Missouri Fertilizer Control Board, promotes sustainable farming practices to maintain a grounded approach to nutrient management.

We Support

  • Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Fertilizer Application Efficiency
  • Soil & Water Resource Protection

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Findings for Farmers

The Missouri Fertilizer Control Board is happy to share the results from the Missouri Edge of Field Water Quality Research Program, a farmer-driven collaboration that evaluates on-farm practices and voluntary conservation in support of state soil and water stewardship goals.

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