Tissue Sampling Alfalfa, clovers, and cotton

Jul 1, 2022 | Latest news

Alfalfa and Clovers

When to sample Just prior to bloom or harvest, whichever comes first. Earlier sampling is suggested only if a problem occurs.

What part of plant – For a sample taken just prior to harvest, or bloom, take the top 6 inches of plant. Samples taken earlier should include the top third of the plant.

How to sample – Collect material from 40 to 60 randomly selected plants in the problem area or field. If the stand is a mixture of legumes, separate by species and submit as separate samples.


When to sample Collect cotton leaf petioles from first square to mid-bloom growth stages.

What part of plant Take the fourth leaf petiole from the top of the plant.

How to sample Collect the most recently matured leaves from 35 to 50 plants selected at random in problem area or field.