Get to Know Show-Me Nutrient Stewardship

Dec 3, 2020 | Latest news

As an alternative to the increased regulations placed on farmers and fertilizer distributors in other states, the Missouri Fertilizer Control Board supports Missouri’s “Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy” and promotes sustainable farming practices to maintain a grounded approach to nutrient management. Though charged with administration and enforcement of the Missouri Fertilizer Law, our non-regulatory efforts include nutrient research, education, and outreach programs that ensure the adoption and implementation of nutrient best management practices.

These practices drive our Show-Me Nutrient Stewardship program where we seek to promote voluntary participation in the 4R program.

These principles of the 4R program include using fertilizer from
the right source,
at the right rate,
at the right time and
in the right place.

When used together the 4Rs can help improve agricultural productivity and maintain our soil resources for generations to come.

It is well documented that crop yields increase with better nutrient and soil management. Therefore, efforts are underway statewide to educate ag retailers and producers on the benefits of these principles and certify that the nutrients available to our farming communities meet statewide nutrient quality standards.

To further encourage the adaptation of the 4R Principles, be sure to check in with a crop specialist at an ag retailer near you.

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